I am assistant professor of modern and contemporary art history at Swarthmore College.

Here is a selection of my academic publishing, catalog essays, art criticism, and translations.

In addition to writing and teaching, I have been involved in several editorial and curatorial projects.
My teaching revisits the history of Euro-American modernism from a transnational lens that foregrounds art's imbrication in the social fabric.

At Swarthmore College

- Building New Worlds: The Arts and Architecture of Liberation.
- The Arts of Everyday Life.
- 20th Century Latin American Art.
- Arts & Crafts as Avant-Garde Labor.
- Global Contemporary Art.
- Becoming Modern. Survey on Modern Art in Europe and the US.
- Socially Engaged Art in the Americas.

At San Diego State University
- 20th Century European Art until 1945.
- Contemporary Art since 1945.

At the University of California, San Diego
- The Metropolis and Me. Race, Migration, and Class in Urban Southern California.
- 20th Century Art as International Phenomenon.

pchecag1 at swarthmore dot edu